The Thai government has urged the public and private sectors to adjust themselves and seek new opportunities brought by the upcoming ASEAN integration. ASEAN Community, which will take effect in 2015, is expected to bring challenges and greater opportunities as well. If all sectors of society are well-prepared for changes, they will benefit from new opportunities.

The government had announced the ASEAN issue in its policy so that both public and private sectors would be able to prepare themselves. At the same time, they should work together in setting long-term goals to achieve when the ASEAN Community is in place.

In preparation for the ASEAN Community, the government has also worked out four major strategies as follows:-

(1) In the first strategy, the government will focus on enhancing Thailand’s competitiveness and developing it into a higher-income nation. In this regard, land zoning will be introduced to reduce production costs in agricultural production. The government will invest in transport infrastructure and develop further small and medium-sized enterprises and the “One Tambon, One Product” program.

(2) The second strategy aims to promote social equality by developing the quality of Thai people, reducing disparities between low-income and high-income earners in the country, providing greater opportunities for the people, and introducing education reform.

(3) The third strategy emphasizes “green growth” by promoting a way of life that is environmentally friendly, such as the use of solar energy and the reduction of green-house effects.

(4) In the fourth strategy, the government will create a balance in national development and improve public sector management to order to enhance the efficiency of national administration. For the private sector, the government will seek business partnerships to create regional production networks, while upgrading the standards and quality of products in response to the demands of consumers in ASEAN and beyond.

The government also urged the members of the public to improve their language skills and prepare for the free flow of products, services and labor. The people must still preserve their culture within the diversity of ASEAN and that they should also learn new things and new alternatives brought about by ASEAN integration.

Implementation of these strategies and adjustment for new opportunities brought by AEC has yet to be announced. Contact MSNA for company registration, work permit & visa, Thai labor law and further information about doing business in Thailand.