Part of Thailand social security benefits is that if an insured person has sustained injury or has been ill, he shall be entitled to be admitted for medical treatment at the hospital of his choice according to the Certified Entitlements Card or at an affiliated hospital without bearing any cost and shall be entitled to compensation benefit at half of the receiving wage according to the actual number of days of leave not exceeding 90 days or 180 days in a year for loss of income in the course of medical treatment at the recommendations of the attending physician.

In case of chronic sickness, the insured person shall be entitled to compensation for loss of income for not exceeding 365 days.

To receive medical treatment and compensation, the following requirements must be presented:

  1. Certified Entitlement Card and Citizenship Identity Card or passport is required when applying for medical treatment from the hospital;
  2. When applying for compensation payment to the loss of income, the insured person is required to present the Application for Compensation Benefit Form (Sor Por Sor. 2-01 Form); the medical certificate, a certificate from the employer and a copy of the bank account, particularly the copy of the first page on which the name of account and account number are shown (in the case of receiving compensation payment through the Bank).

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