Setting up a branch office of a US company is possible in Thailand. Today, Thai Business Expert summarizes the steps and timeline for MSNA to set up a branch office of a US company to operate in Thailand as follows:

1. We would like to see your US Company’s documents like Articles of Association, By Laws, Operating Agreement, Certificate of Registration or Certificate of Incorporation (Different US states call corporate documents different names). Basically, we need the official documents that show the company name, registration number, address, registered capital (if any), names of shareholders (if possible) and names of authorized directors. Also we need a passport copy of the president/CEO who is going to sign all the papers and the name of the American (or Thai) person who will be the Thailand branch manager. After we see those documents, we may ask for more papers.

2. We will use the information from step 1 to prepare an Affidavit and a Power of Attorney for the Branch Manager for the president or the CEO of the US company to sign, and we will also prepare a General Power of Attorney for one of MSNA’s staff to be able to sign and file all the papers on your company’s behalf. The affidavit and the POA’s will be emailed to you to print out and sign and have them notarized. We need at least 2 business days to draft the 3 documents for you.

3. Once we get all the papers from step 2 from you, we will apply with the US Commercial Service inBangkokfor a letter certifying that the majority of shareholders and directors of the company are American and so the company is entitled to the right perThailand- USA Treaty of Amity to operate the business inThailand. – This step usually takes 1 week for the US Commercial Service to issue the certification letter.

4. We will submit all the papers to the Foreign Business Committee, Ministry of Commerce, to get the Certificate of Business Operations per Foreign Business Law. – It usually takes 3-4 weeks for the certificate to be issued. Please note that this step also requires a passport copy of the Branch Office Manager showing entry intoThailand a few days before we submit the papers.

5. We will register the Branch Office into the Thai tax system (including VAT). – We need only one day.

6. We will get a work permit for the American Branch Manager so that he can sign any papers on behalf of the Branch Office, including bank accounts. – This takes about 10 days.

7. If you would like, we will prepare the papers and meet with your Thailand Branch Manager at a bank to open a saving account and/or a checking account for the Branch Office. – This takes one day.

Setting up your US company’s branch office inThailand can be relatively easy with MSNA. Contact us for more questions and information on company registration and setting up a branch office inThailand.