When you want to change your official company address, you have to submit the forms together with the required documents to the respective government offices. Today, we talk about the required documents from the company and the landlord when changing the official company address with the Department of Business Development and the Revenue Department.

Aside from company registration papers, the following will be required from the authorized director of the company:

  1. 2 sets of passport copy, duly signed (in case of a Thai national, 2 sets of signed Thai ID card copy)
  2. 2 sets of location map of the new office address
  3. 2 sets of photos of office showing the:

– Company name and house number

– Outside photo of the whole office or building

– Inside photo of the office

The following will be also required from the landlord:

  1. Signed copy of House Registration of the place, 2 sets
  2. Signed copy of letter of consent from the real owner of the place that says he gives permission to the company to use it as the official address, 2 sets
  3. Signed copy of the documents showing the ownership of the place by the real owner, i.e. copy of the ownership paper issued by the Land Department (same with the sale agreement stating the name of the owner as the buyer of that place which is the document issued by the Land Department when he bought the place), 2 sets
  4. Signed copy of the owner’s ID card and his house registration, 2 sets

If you are moving to a new office and would like to change the official address accordingly, MSNA can assist you in preparing the required documentation and submit the application with the respective government offices. And since most of the above mentioned documents from the landlord are in Thai language, we normally request for the contact information of the landlord so we can coordinate with them directly. Contact us now for further discussion.