To encourage foreign investors to invest more in Thailand, the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) is working out its road show plan and new investment strategy.

The BOI’s investment promotion activities will be adjusted in line with the BOI new investment strategy, which will be implemented in 2015. The new strategy will focus on the industries in which Thailand has good potential.

These industries include basic infrastructure and logistics, basic industry, medical devices and scientific equipment, alternative energy and environmental services, services that support the industrial sector, advanced core technologies, food and agricultural processing industry, hospitality and wellness, automotive and other transport equipment, and electronic and electrical appliances.

Apart from building confidence among foreign investors, the BOI overseas offices will publicize Thailand’s new investment policy, which emphasizes promoting knowledge-based industries and research and development. Thailand still welcomes foreign investment and the current political situation will not have an impact on the implementation of the new investment policy.

The BOI would also improve services for investors, facilitate their operations, and create a conducive investment climate to attract quality investments into the country. For instance, it would coordinate and push for law and regulation improvement, reduce investment obstacles, and ease investment problems.

Furthermore, the BOI would also play an increasingly important role as a center for providing investment information and counseling services. It will promote the development of personnel to cope with the growing industrial sector in Thailand, as well.

It is expected that more foreign investors are likely to use Thailand as their investment base for the franchise business upon the arrival of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015. ASEAN countries stand to benefit from intra-regional investment activities. Many of them are now in need of investment to increase their potential growth rates.

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