Thai Business Expert is asked very often about the minimum capital to register a Thai company and whether it needs to actually be paid or not. We need to take into consideration a few factors.

If you are a foreigner, we assume that you will need a work permit to run the day-to-day operation of the Thai company, you will need at least THB 2M as the registered capital for each work permit your company will sponsor. However, if you have a Thai partner who will be the authorized director who signs to bind the company, and you will not want a work permit for any foreigner, then the capital can be as little as THB 5 per share and because a company needs at least 3 shareholders, the registered capital can be as low as THB 15. However, the fee to register a company in Thailand is the same for THB 15 capital or THB 1M.

The capital has to be at least 25% paid up. However, if you need a work permit, it has to be paid up at least THB 2M for each work permit. In case the foreigner who requires a work permit is married to a Thai national, the capital can be THB 1 M for the work permit of that foreigner.

Regarding the question about whether or not you have to actually pay up the capital, you will have to in the beginning and later the company can lend the money that it has left to its directors or shareholders or any third parties.

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