Today, one of our prospective clients has asked us about registering a company that will deal with either manufacturing or importing of products in Thailand.


We want to register a Thai company with our Thai partners but we are not sure yet if we will just manufacture our own food products or import the food products from our suppliers overseas in order to sell them locally. Do we need to get a license from any government department after we register the company?


In Thailand, the Food Control Division of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for regulating food control activities before and after you start the operation. Here, we outline how FDA will control your activities before you start the operation.

Such activities include issuance of Manufacturing License and Importation License to manufacturer and importer respectively; registration of controlled food products before marketing; approval of food additives to be used in foods, labeling and advertising approvals.

In obtaining a Manufacturing License, plant lay-out is to be submitted for approval and plant inspection by food inspector is required before and manufacturing license is issued. This license is to be renewed every three years.

Meanwhile, if you want to import food products, a license is required in order to import food into Thailand. A licensed importer may import various kinds of food providing that they are approved by the Thai FDA. The designated storage or warehouse has to be inspected and approved by the Thai FDA before a license is issued. An importation license is to be renewed every three years, as well.

In the event that a food product, either you manufactured or imported is categorized as Specific Controlled Food, it must be registered. Analysis of the product as well as details of the process and ingredients is required for the registration process and the standard of these food products have to meet the standard specified in the Ministerial Notification.

If you intend to manufacture or import some products such as dietary supplement, that product is required to bear labels containing Thai language and subject to be approved by the Thai FDA before you sell it in the Thai market. Hence, food products in general must be labeled in accordance with the Notifications of the Ministry of Public Health No. 194 (B.E. 2544).

Moreover, if you plan to promote your product to the public, any form of advertisement for food through any media is also subject to Thai FDA’s approval. Whether you manufacture or import your products, please note that false or deceptive advertisement on the quality or benefits of your food products is prohibited.

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