So you have a new idea and are excited about it. We want to hear about it too. Here we want to talk about how to write a business plan for your new startup. We will cover most of the things that your future investors and lenders need to see so that they understand your vision. If you don’t know how to write a business plan for your new startup, it is OK. We can help you do it.  With our help, it is very likely that you will be able to get funding.

Normally a startup business plan has a one-page Executive Summary in the beginning, which is a summary of the whole business plan. Some readers only read the executive summary and can make a decision already. The business plan should have at least the following topics:

  1. The Company or your background
  2. Mission & vision

– Mission – Describe your organization’s mission

– Vision – Describe your organization’s vision

  • Management team – List the people behind the idea and briefly describe their role.
  • Products / services – Describe features and benefits of your products and services.
  • Technology and innovation applied – Explain why your startup is innovative.
  • Industry description/ competition/ trends

– Industry description – Explain how your startup impacts to the targeted industry*.

– Competition – Who are your competitors (company or business)? How is your product/service different from others? What can you do better that really matters to consumers or profitability?

– Trends – How do you see the overall trend affect your product/services?

  • Marketing & sales strategies

– Marketing strategies – Who are your target customers? How are you going to promote and distribute your products/services?

Sales strategies – How are you going to get customers or clients to buy your products/services?

  • Financial plan/ Exit strategy/ Funds required

– Financial Plan – Explain funding & investment plan. How are you going to seek funding? What are you going to do with the money?

– Exit strategy

– Funds required

  1. Revenue model – Explain how the startup is going to make money, the average price of sales or services the startup will receive and from which group of customers, etc.
  2. Growth strategies – Explain your growth objectives and how you intend to develop your startup business.

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