Thailand’s gems and jewelry industry has emerged as a major international player in production, processing and trading. Even while undergoing rapid growth, the industry in Thailand still has plenty of room for development.

The fine jewelry industry in Thailand is labor-intensive and relies on skilled craftsmanship, beautiful designs and modern technology to produce jewelry competitive in international markets. Multinational corporations can leverage Thailand’s unique advantages, including high-quality Thai artisanship in the areas of cutting and polishing colored stones and diamonds, sufficient supply of skilled workers at low cost, natural resources and government promotion.

Thailand has established itself as a competitive production base. Many world-class firms have relocated their operations to Thailand to reduce production costs and benefit from the well-known delicate craftsmanship of Thais. Polished diamonds from Thailand are admired around the world for their high quality. Diamond polishing requires skilled craftsmanship and the operation of sophisticated machines.

Moreover, there is an opportunity for foreign firms to utilize Thailand’s expertise by investing in facilities and equipment with the excellent support of Thailand’s Board of Investment. The Thai BOI offers many attractive non-tax and tax incentives to investors. Other organizations supporting the continued development of the gems and jewelry industry in Thailand include:

– Gems and Jewelry Industries Center, under the Department of Industrial Promotion of the Ministry of Industry

– Department of Export Promotion, under the Ministry of Commerce

– Gem & Jewelry Institute of Thailand

– Thai Gem & Jewelry Traders Association

– Thai Diamond Manufacturers Association

– Thai Gem & Jewelry Manufacturers Association

– Chantaburi Gem & Jewelry Association

– Indian-Thai Diamond and Colorstone Association

– Thai Diamond Manufacturers Association

– Gold Traders Association

– Thai Jewelers Association

– Jewel Fest Club

– Thai Silver Exporter Club

– Gemopolis Industrial Estate

– Gemological Institute of America Research Thailand (GRT)

– Asian Institure of Gemological Sciences

– IGI Bangkok, Thailand International Gemological Institute

– Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand

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