Not all diseases and medical services can be entitled to claim Thailand social security fund benefits. Insured persons cannot claim the medical compensation for such diseases and medical services follows:

1. Psychosis except in case of acute psychosis which requires immediate treatment and for a period of not more than 15 days.

2. Disorders or injury due to the use of narcotic substance under the law governing narcotic drugs.

3. The same disease which requires hospitalization period of more than 180 days in one year.

4. Hemodialysis except:

a. In the case of acute kidney failure which requires hospitalization period of not more than 60 days shall be entitled to medical service benefits.

b. In the case of chronic kidney failure of final stage for which medical service benefits shall be granted by means of hemodialysis with the use of dialyzer; by means of the Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis (CPD) and by kidney transplant according to the criteria, the terms and conditions and rates prescribed in the Notification of the Zone Office of Social Security.

5. Any action taken for beautifying purpose with absence of medical indications.

6. Treatment in the course of doing researches and experiments.

7. Infertility

8. Examination of mucus membrane for organ transplant except bone stem cell transplant.

9. Any examination that is exceeding the needs for curing such disease.

10. Organ transplant operation except the bone stem cell transplant according to the established criteria.

11. The sex change.

12. Artificial insemination.

13. Service provided in the course of recuperation.

14. Dental service except in the case of tooth extraction, filing and removal of dental plaque.

15. Spectacles.

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