Normally when you (as a company) rent an office space, you need to deal with rent withholding tax of 5% (to submit to the Revenue Department in the following month). You will pay the landlord only 95% in cash amount and prepare a withholding tax certificate for the amount of 5% that you withhold and give it to the landlord. If the landlord is a company, they may not have any problem receiving the amount of 95% from you in cash and 5% in a withholding tax certificate because they can use the withholding tax certificate as a proof of their prepaid corporate income tax at the end of their accounting year. However, when the landlord is an individual, many of them normally do not report their rental income on their personal income tax return. They will demand 100% rent amount from their corporate tenants. They will make you submit the rent withholding tax from your own pocket. If you do not accept it, they will probably not want to rent their space to you. Of course, they are wrong. You are just doing what the Thai tax law requires you to do. Most individual landlords whose properties are in high demand will not care. They want their rent in full amount or else you should find another place to set up your shop or office. It is your choice to see what they will do if you give them only 95% payment and a certificate showing the rent withholding tax of 5% . Most tenants will give in because they have already spent a lot of money renovating the space to suit their business needs and cannot afford to move to a place whose owner will accept that they need to pay tax on their rental income. Some individual landlords specify in the rental agreement that the tenants will pay for any taxes, including withholding taxes. In that case the tenants know from the beginning that the 5% rent withholding tax will come from their own pocket.

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