Why someone got a BOI promotion for their business and want to sell it? We have some foreign clients who came to Thailand to apply for BOI so that they can own their business 100% without Thai nominee shareholders. Even though we work quickly with the clients to prepare the BOI application, sometimes, the BOI people have too many cases on their hands and they cannot approve a business project within 40 business days as promised on their website. Some applicants wait for 10 months or one year before they finally get the approval letter from the BOI.

Waiting to enter the market in Thailand for too long, many investors have changed their business expansion plan. Many of them do not want to open their BOI company here anymore after they got the certificate.

This is why once in a while, we have a BOI company for sale. If you do not have time to wait that long in order to operate your business and enter the Thai market, check with us. Contact MSNA Group now for a chance to buy a BOI company that has never been in operation.

When you buy a BOI company from us, we understand that you trust us. We will guarantee that the company you buy will not have any problems.