Today MSNA wants to discuss Annual or Paid Vacation Leave in Thailand Labour Law.

“Section 30: An employee who has worked for an uninterrupted period of one year is entitled to annual holidays (or paid vacation leave) of not less than 6 working days in one year and the employer is obliged to fix the annual holidays in advance for the employee or as agreed by the employer and the employee.

In the following years, the employer may fix the annual holidays for the employee of more than 6 working days.

The employer and the employee may agree in advance to accumulate and postpone any annual holiday that has not yet been taken in a year to be included in the following years.

For the employee who has not yet completed one year of service, the employer may set the annual holidays for the employee on a pro rata basis.”

MSNA’s notes:

– The employer can agree with the employee when he wants to take his holidays. It can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 days at a time or the whole 6 days at once. The company may have a policy that the employee has to submit the request to take his annual holidays and get the employer’s approval for how long in advance before the dates of the intended holidays.

– The number of days of paid vacation leave (annual leave) can be increased (or not) for the following years.

– The employer may choose to allow the employee to take his unused annual holidays in a particular year to roll forward to the following year.

– For the employee who has not completed one year of service, the company may choose to allow (or not) paid vacation leave on a pro rata basis.

– The employer may choose to pay the employee (or not) for the unused paid vacation leave (annual holidays).

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