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Getting a Token from the Bank in Thailand

A lot of times, we have been requested by our clients to help them get a Token from their bank in Thailand in order to access their internet banking system especially those who are based overseas and could not come to Thailand easily. Today, we will talk about the general information in getting a Token from the bank in Thailand.

Commercial banks have different terms for their online or internet banking service. Internet banking can be accessed on computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets through several browsers i.e. Google Chrome, Apple Safari. Regardless of the name, the company must have its Company ID or the company’s identification code assigned by the Bank and use it to access the internet banking. The bank normally sends the Company ID to the Company Signatory’s (Super User) email address.

Company Signatory (Super User) is the authorized person to make any bank transactions on behalf of the company and can authorize other users to complete certain bank transactions. Only the authorized company director can apply to be the Super User then he can authorize others to do certain transactions online. Upon application, the bank will give the Token to the Super User but he can also get Tokens for the Company Administrator (Approver) and Company User (Account Controller). The Super User and Users can set their own password to access the internet banking service. However, when processing the payments, it’s the Super User and Approver who can generate Token Password from the Token and they will have just approximately 15 minutes to use the Token Password once it is revealed, otherwise, they have to generate a new Token Password again. This way, internet banking can be accessed by the Users easily anywhere, anytime as long as they have a strong internet connection. Moreover, getting a Token makes it more secured and convenient especially for the Super User and Approver because they are the only ones that can process and approve the payments through internet banking.

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